Drone Pilot Training

Here is how our training is structured.

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHYThe 3 Main License Options

Drones are being increasingly used to inspect assets such as buildings and roofs, but there are some rules:
  • Drone Technology Level 1 – (DT101)
  • Drone Technology Level 2 – (DT102)
  • Drone Technology Level 3 – (DT103)
  • Remote Pilot Licensing (RPL)
  • Beyond Visual Line of sight – BVLOS
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping

Drone Technology Level 1 – (DT101)

This is a 5 day online course that introduces one to drones, their uses and applications, how they can be integrated in entrepreneurship and also about the regulations and laws of Botswana on drones.

Drone Technology Level 2 – (DT102)

This is a 10 day course which includes both face to face and online modes of learning, the first 5 days we continue with the basics of drones that where learnt in level 1, the other 5 days we expound more on the drones and program them and also have a live experience with different kinds of drones.

Drone Technology Level 3 – (DT103)

This is a 1 month course which we learn how to build and fly drones. This course will build on what we learnt in Level 1 and Level 2. We provide you with safety clothing and application forms to register your drone.

Remote Pilot Licensing (RPL)

Drone Training Centre offers the commercial drone course leading to the award of a Remote Pilot Licence. The intensive course is conducted by TOP Operator certified pilots. No prerequisites or previous drone knowledge is required to experience this quality training.

Beyond Visual Line of sight – BVLOS

This is a 5 day course made up of lectures, case studies, exams and interactive learning experience. BVLOS permissions allow you to take flights that are out of your sight.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping

This is an intensive 1 week module which covers GIS fundamentals, data analysis and mapping and all the applications of GIS and mapping.

Drones for Africa was established as a one stop shop company for retail of all types of drones including; Drone pilot training, repair and maintenance services, data analytics, last mile agricultural services, real estate and insurance. Our value proposition lies in delivering the abundance of drone technology, its tools and services to a technical and non-technical audience by simplifying the tech to make it easily discoverable, accessible and useful to a diverse group of users.