Drones for Spraying | Targeted aerial application over any terrain

A New Way to Spray
Fully Automated, Targeted and Precise

Assisting farmers is our passion, through drones for africa’s custom spraying services we are able to spray maize, beans, potatoes, and other crops. Drones for Africa also has the capability to spread fertilizer and seed with our drones

Benefits of using Drones for Africa Services

Spray drones will push yields to the next level by timely and precise product application.
Drones for Africa will conduct trials designed by Agronomists, Co-ops, and Seed Companies with the farmer’s return on investment (ROI) in mind
Reduces the contact of humans with fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful products.
Purchase your own spray drone to experience lower capital expenses and operating costs compared to other aerial options. We are offering a wide range of drones and their payload capacity range from 10 Litre / 10 Kg to 22 Litre/22Kg.
The Drone can spray pesticides 40-60 times faster than manual spraying. Drone spraying can save up to 90% of water usage and 40% of pesticide usage. Interchangeable nozzles are used for optimized spraying.
Drones for Africa was established as a one stop shop company for retail of all types of drones including; Drone pilot training, repair and maintenance services, data analytics, last mile agricultural services, real estate and insurance. Our value proposition lies in delivering the abundance of drone technology, its tools and services to a technical and non-technical audience by simplifying the tech to make it easily discoverable, accessible and useful to a diverse group of users.